WE'RE LIVE (and compliant) IN THE US

Access to workout data means nothing if it's not gathered and used in a way that is compliant with rules and regulations. Stready is now not only compliant with GDPR, but we also help our customers stay complaint with CCPA and other US privacy regulations.

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"Always on" shows low effort, big impact

This summer, our customer Alfa Sko launched their new "always on" campaign, meaning that they set it up once and it runs forever instead of changing campaigns on a monthly cadence. Results are great, with less monthly maintenance and content production, and amazing engagement and onboarding numbers from end users.

10 months in a row with over 75 % OR

VPG Aktiv has had an openingrate over 75% ever since they started using our product 10 months ago. This shows that end users still find our activity based loyalty highly relevant, even after the "novelty" -effect wears off. Additionally, churn is almost zero, showing that the people that sign up, are there to stay.