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83% of us are not active enough. Every 42 minutes, on average, a norwegian dies of a disease linked to inactivity. Do you want to work with meaningful tasks with visible outcomes? We are creating a million-dollar company that helps to improve public health at the same time.

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Our Story

Since 2018 we have strived to understand how we can increase people's workouts-motivation by leveraging activity trackers.

2018 Training-bets - A lot of fun, and our first product with a lot of users, but difficult to make  it economically sustainable

2019 Training-fundraising - Exciting in many ways, but demanding to find a business model.

2020 Training competitions for companies - Difficult to keep invited participants motivated for a long time

2021 Training-based loyalty - Perfect match

Our product connects activity trackers with e-commerce and CRM tools to enable our customers (online stores, brands, and retailers) to be able to reward healthy physical habits. While we still have a lot of features we want to develop, our product is live with paying customers, with more standing in line to launch this winter/spring. Our goal for 2022 is to take part in 1.000.000 workouts

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Do you dream of creating your own success? Or to become part of a highly competent team in the development of a product that no one has made before? Are you motivated by challenges with the need for new and creative solutions?

As a full-stack developer in Stready, you will be put together with three other highly knowledgeable and ambitious developers. We are constantly updated on new trends in tech. We have a modern stack which means you will get to test out the latest tools available.


A good candidate must have

ability to work and communicate well with development and business teams

good oral and written communication in Norwegian and/or English

ability to learn

some sort of programming or software development experience

A good candidate should have

familiarity with some software design and software architecture ideas

It would be nice for a candidate to have conceptual familiarity with

IDesign methodology and/or Actor Model (volatility based decomposition)

Microservice and Monolithic architecture

SOA (Service Oriented Architecture)

Event Driven Architecture

testing (unit, integration)

t would be nice for a candidate to have programming language familiarity with


Javascript and/or Typescript

NoSQL databases (MongoDB, Redis) and relational databases (PostgreSQL)

It would be nice for a candidate to have technology familiarity with

Kubernetes (Helm, kubectl, containers, Docker, operators)

cloud services (Google Cloud Platform, Google Pubsub)

IAC (Terraform)


Protobuf and gRPC

smartwatch integrations (Garmin, Polar, Fitbit, Suunto)

ecommerce integrations

frontend Javascript frameworks (Vue, React, Svelte, etc)


Our office is based in beautiful Trondheim. But we have a 100% digital workflow which means that you can work remotely from Oslo, Cape Town, or any place else.


Work remote

Ownership in an early stage company

Create a healthier world


Selected candidates are admitted for an interview.

The interview consists of a general interview and a technical interview.

Technical Details

The system is designed with a service-oriented architecture in mind and is mainly written in Go and deployed using Kubernetes (GKE). Communication between services is done through pub/sub and gRPC. The system is under development and some parts are yet to be set stone. You will have the opportunity to take part in discussions regarding implementation choices and will be able to help shape the final system.

Good luck! We can´t wait to get to know you:)

Lars Andreassen, Otto Lote, Ruben Sevalson, Didrik Tønseth, Trym Nordgaard & Everett Frisch

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