Are people actually tracking their activities?


Yes. Results from different reports* shows that 30-40% track their health or fitness. We are connected to most of the popular trackers (Polar, Garmin, Strava).
Growth from knowledge

Can Stready help hands on in setting up  campaigns


A dedicated success person helps out with planning and setting details before the launch. After the launch, you will receive tips and tricks on how to perform as well as possible. Extra help can be purchased as well.

How many can we expect to connect?


The amount of connected devices is highly effected by the results from the marketing. Combining a heroshot on landingpage, SOME, ads and newsletters gives the best results.

Is Stready only for people that work out in a competitive way?


There are a lot of metrics that don't focus on competitive metrics, like active days and spending time outside. By setting soft goals you can still reach out and spread motivation linked to milestones along the way. Check outAlfa, to see a great example of how this can be done. (Norwegian)

Is it a lot of work?


When you have made the awesome decision to focus on a physical activity loyalty club, you will receive easy manuals on how to get ready for Stready.
- Connect with automatic email (Mailchimp, Klaviyo or Voyado)
- Make page with info ond welcome email
- Choose template

Everything can be done by one person with access to the landing page and email software. No need for any developer

How is the data  handled and who owns it?


The end user allows Stready access to their workout data, Stready processes this workout data on behalf of the client to calculate progress towards set milestones, and performs actions configured by the client, such as sending an email og firing an event in Klaviyo

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