Multiplied Engagement

Sporty is Get Inspired's activity-based customer club. The loyalty program rewards customers with exclusive discounts and offers for being physically active. The goal is to create engagement and increase sales, but at the same time do something good for people's training habits. Get This year, was elected webshop of the year for the third time. Having fun and being active is in their brand DNA, making them a perfect brand to implement Stready.


Not the first time Get Inspired has encouraged activity

The moment a customer tracks a workout, emails and SMSs containing rewards related to the customer's activity will be delivered. Compared to a conventional marketing campaign, it multiplies the communication sent out by Get Inspired Sporty.

It is still early, but the results show us that measurable factors like the opening rate are getting a big boost. So far, the average has been between 80 and 90%.

When Stready rolls out its segmentation module, Get Inspired will get the opportunity to segment products to show on their website and communication. This enables Get Inspired to deliver personal and relevant products based on knowledge about end-users training habits, where they can account for their interest in different sports, activity levels, and more.

Get Inspired has held workout challenges before through raffles and Instagram contests, but not in a way that enables them to reach out to all of their onboarded customers personally and retarget them based on future activity. That is how Stready is different.

Read more or sign up here.

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