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ALFA Footwear is an Norwegian based long standing shoe manufacturer, focusing on durable and high quality shoes for hiking and skiing enabling their customers to trust their shoes enough to simply enjoy nature. Through their Stready-powered customer club ALFA GO, they are able to reward their customers for just that. Enjoying Nature.

“Initially, we planned to use the tool mainly to engage our existing audience, but we see that it has been truly effective of generating new leads as well.” Says Hans Jørgen Kvåle, Sales and marketing manager in Alfa Footwear.

Alfa Footwear launched their Stready-powered loyalty program Alfa GO in April. The program rewards its users for simply tracking activity outside. During their last campaign they had a CAC of $4 per cold signup, and a revenue of $6 per user per month, showing that they break even on new signups in less than three months. Based on the results from the summer campaign, they are doubling down on Stready, launching a larger campaign encouraging simply being outside this fall.

“At Alfa, we care about enabling people to experience nature. For us, it was important not to be seen as competitive or merit-focused. We believe that nature is for everyone, that is why simply rewarding people for spending time outside was a good fit for us.”

“After ordering a campaign from Stready, the flows we need just pop up in our Klaviyo-account for us to add whatever content we want,” Says Hans Jørgen Kvåle.

Members get exclusive rewards and content for simply spending time outside in nature. Either skiing, hiking or by tracking a walk around the neighbourhood, depending on their ambitions and preferences. Benefits include exclusive giveaways, gift carts, and VIP content, enabling ALFA to give their customers a meaningful nudge towards making sustainable choices for their own physical and mental wellbeing.

Read more and connecthere.

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