Supercharge loyalty by encouraging physical activity

Increase LTV, create meaningful content and gain actionable insights by using Stready to connect your customers wearable devices to your CDP.

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Why our customers love us


“It is still early, but the results show us that measurable factors like the opening rate are getting a big boost. So far, the average has been between 80 and 90 percent“ 

Mina Emilie Opdal

E-commerce Manager, Get Inspired

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“We want to motivate people to get out. We thought about doing challenges earlier, but we couldn't find a product that could integrate with our e-commerce. We get that with Stready”

Bjarne Grøseth

E-commerce Manager, VPG

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“We pride ourselves on knowing our customers really well. By using Stready, we've gotten deep insights into how our customers stay active. enabling us to tailor our branding to better fit their interests."

Vegar Austeen

E-commerce Manager,

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Stand out, understand, and do good

Stand out with a personal message

85% of customers open emails powered by Stready. That´s because they arrive the moment they are expected, and with personal content and rewards.

Understand your customer

Decide what products to offer each customer based on their workouts, and dig deep into your customers habits to learn more about what they are interested in.

Do good

Your brand loves helping people stay active, Stready enables you to encourage physical activity directly from your storefront.